The Only Actual Alpha Complex

Little boy-blue locked away in their tower
Intermission Log

Another sunny day in Alpha complex. Jun-R-NGL-5 wakes up to “Heyyyy Juuuuude, don’t make it baaad, take a saad song and make it betterrrr…”; better than the Japanese folk music, he thinks drably to himself, but not quite there. Quickly he blinks his HUD off and begins to prep himself for the day. At least his ribs are no longer sore from last weeks water repository fiasco, he begins the morning routine…

As he arrives to the factory for a day of filling up bottles of “Edith B’s Dust-Bunny-Trapper Spray!”. If only his tentacles were out flying about, it would make for the perfect job, he’d able to do three at a time! He looks over his shoulder as Maridith-O-NGL-5 is inspecting his fellow Red workers bottling technique. Ugh… Jun-R hates Maridith-O, if he was Ultra-Violet overseer of production there’s no way he’d put up with her vile attitude toward his inferiors… would he?

With the three sharp blows of the steam whistle the day only has 1 hour left before closing. “JUN-R-NGL-5 REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO BRIEFING CENTRE NGL-CHARLIE FOR ASSIGNMENT” His HUD reports, flashing violently. Still wearing his work belt and holding his a bottle of Edith B’s spray, freshly filled, Jun-R starts for the exit, blinking a quick text message to Maridith-O “Troubleshooter assignment, see attached report confirmation, leaving early”. Thank god he got out of there, the monotony was numbing; a slight phantom pain in his ribs reminds him that monotony is not always a bad thing , not to mention a clone count of 5.

When he arrives he notices a familiar face… “Takarni-R! You make it out of the water repository okay?

I was so close— slipped on the walkway heading back, would’ve survived too if the drainage pipe was just a half meter wider. Takarni-R-NGL-3 at your service.

A tall skinny man in faded red coveralls steps forward and stands on top of a milk crate. “o-o-okay Reds… I’m Darry-R-NGL-6 and I-I-I’m g-g-going to be your t-t-t-team lead today.” His voice is screechy and high pitched, it cracks from time to time — apparently someone who shouldn’t be, has been dipping into hormone suppressant-less rations. “Now i-i-it turns out there’s a B-b-blue officer traped in a m-m-mal-functioning office b-b-building in NIL. Friend Computer needs us to s-s-sort it out.” Darry’s stutter seems to get worse as he goes on, one leg shaking, not much of a leader and apparently not great keeping his head down with a 6-count, Jun-R thinks to himself, Tatsuki-R-NGL-5 would get along great with this death seeker. Realizing his clone count is at 5, one taken just the other day, Jun-R bites his tongue and rolls his eyes.

The fourth RED is Marell-R-NHL-2. A little grubby looking, he has pleasant persona about him, and a gentle demeanor that matches his sticki-outti ears and poor posture. Jun-R notices him wearing a strange vest with a roll of tubing coiled in front, a red light currently very dim and buzzing. At the end of the coil is a metal nozzle with a switch and nob. Obviously Marell-R has been deemed the Equipment Officer.

Jun-R is handed a multi-tool, and a fresh out of the wrapper hygiene kit, and a small pack of mints. Marrel says nothing, but gives Jun-R a curt nod. “W-W-When we get to the B-B-Blue officer, we need to lookkk and s-s-s-smell our best Jun-R, keep us in perfect hygiene!” Darry-R puts a very awkward hand on Jun-R’s shoulder, an act that might be considered leadership if done by almost anybody else in Alpha Complex. Jun-R performs a quick hygiene test on each member of the team and passes out a mint to each Red. He then instructs Marell-R to clean out his ears, passing him a cue-tip from the hygiene pack.

After an hour-long transbot-taxi trip to NIL, the troubleshooters stand in front a massive skyscraper that dwarfs anything else in the sector. Getting on early dusk, and with a bit of mist covering the sky, the building’s flood lights illuminate the air giving the whole structure a golden glow. Blinking quick commands to his HUD Darry-R sends a map of the building to each member, and an artificial yellow line appears before them leading into the front door. “Well… b-b-best to get on with it then!” Darry-R tries to step out of the transbot just as another taxi-bot comes screaming by ripping off the door. The only thing saving Darry-R’s life being that he forgot to remove his seat-belt which caught him in the gut as he tried to get out, with-out hitting the release button. “W-W-Well… that was closer eh g-gang?” Darry-R remarks out of breath from the belt, “don’t want to lose your t-t-team leader before the mission even starts!” Shiftily the other three members look between each other, before giving a polite nod.

After looking both-ways, the troubleshooters exit the transbot, and ascend the stairs to the main door. The door is locked shut, luckily Darry-R pulls out his trusty data-pad and begins to hack through the doors auto-lock mechanism. “_Dang-blasted thing should be open to us… not sure what in tarnation…”_ BJSHHHHH the large doors open up. “Well that’s b-b-better!”. As soon as the troubleshooters step through the doors Jun-R notices that his little yellow line flickers , than lightens back up.

The trouble shooter make their way to the lavish elevators with fine blue carpeting. “OH! that reminds me!” Darry-R passes out small blue laminated passes with embossed metal chips of gold. “Press your thumb to the scanner to activate the Blue pass, make sure you hand that back to me at the end of the mission or you may be looking at Darry-R-NGL-7 next time we meet! … we get 7 clones right?” As each member presses their thumb hard into the small scanner, a blue screen appears in their HUD. “Jun-R-NGL-4, you are granted blue access for… 3… hours and… 59 minutes…” a small count-down clock begins in the top left hand corner of Jun-R’s vision. “N-now we b-better be quick, I don’t think those security bots are going to be v-v-very happy if we’re upstairs when this timer runs d-d-dry”.

The trouble shooters step onto the elevators blue soft shag carpet. A voice erupts from a small intercom, “*_PLEASE PRESENT HUD VERIFICATION_*” Darry-R blinks the appropriate command to his HUD. “_*Verification ACCEPTED*_”. Lights on the buttons of all but the top three floors turn on.

Jun-R checks his HUD map of the building and see’s the blinking objective dot on the 47th floor. Pressing the button cautiously the doors close the elevator hums to life. A large blue and gold needle above the door spins with every floor they pass. As the elevator picks up speed its revolutions become a blurr like the blade of a fan. Theres a violent crack and the elevator thuds, but continues to rise… 23…24…25… another loud crack and a shake 35…36…37… Jun-R looks up and sees the yellow path moving with them up the elevator, it is now flickering almost constantly. The yellow has turned from a solid bright vibrant yellow to a pale shade. Jun quickly looks around and notices a roof maintenance access panel. “_Help me with this!” Tarkani-R gives him a boost but the door seems to be clamped shut from the outside. “_Step aside and give me a lift up” a deep resolute voice perks up. Marrel steps forward unwinding the coiled tubon his chest and flicking a few buttons on the machines strap to his. It hums to life. Another crack-slam and a loud grinding as the needle starts to jerk and slow down 41… … 42… … 43… Jun and Tarkani hoist Merrel unto their shoulders as he fires up the lazzer cutter 4000. A blinding light fires from the metal nozzle and slices easily through the panel. With a hard push Marrel swings the hatch. The elevator stops, creaks with a grind and begins to descend.

Marrel jumps through the hatch and begins to lift his fellow trouble shooters through roof. It’s only when the last of them are up that they realize that the Lazzer Cutter sliced through not only the roof hatch but the cables behind it as well. With only 1 of 3 support cables, the load is too great and the last line is taught as a violin string. With a final glance at each other, the cable snaps, Jun-R grabs for his grapple gun like a gunslinger pulling his sixshooter and fires wildly to the ceiling. Each team member holding on desperately one after another making a human chain, they are cast upwards. Jun-R’s arms are burning from the strain, and the little wire, built for one person, is obviously beyond its capacity. Marrel quickly burns a hole through the nearby door and manages to dive through. One by one the team manages desperately to maneuver themselves out of the elevator shaft and through the newly cut hole, just in time to hear the elevator smash in the basement, now a small crumple twisted metal with bits of blue shag carpeting.

Passing himself carefully through the “door”, Jun re-holsters his new trusty grapple gun and turns to his team. “Uh Team Leader?” Darry-R Looks very nervous again, his face as pale as the White walls and sheep skin rug they’re standing on. “W-w-we are NNNOT s-s-s-uposed to be h-h-here!” The trouble shooters try to access their maps but the system up here is completely dead. The penthouse office is unlike anything they have ever seen, it’s more of a high end apartment than anything. Everything is in white, leather couches surround a fireplace with a hood and vent in the center of the room. A small kitchen is tucked to the left, bottles of some fancy liquor suspended upside down along the back splash. A massive timber desk is at the far end of the room with a holographic monitor, a new message blinking orange is visible. All of the lights are off, and nobody makes a move.

After five minutes of running through the options of how to get out, the team decides to look for another way out of the Ultra-Violet’s apartment. Each member takes a different area and agrees not to touch anything, all understand the need to get out of the room as quickly as possible.

Jun-R heads directly to the computer having noticed that the portrait of the clone that is blinking is none-other than that elusive Karumi-O who had been absent for his last mission in NGL just the other day – could’ve used a science officer, might not be on his 5th clone if he’d been around. Looking around at the other trouble-shooter searching the apartment, Jun-R clicks on the impending message.

“Intercept Advisory – Capture and dissect immediately for autopsy. Orange clearance level security scan diagnostic has revealed a discrepancy in Karumi-O-NGL-4’s origin. Priority issue.” Orange clearance level— okay… well what if he isn’t orange… better yet, maybe he can hide better in the crowd of Infrared… Using the UV’s personal access Jun repeals his status to Infrared.

Next his pulls up a small application that operates the services of the apartment. MUSIC, LIGHTS, FIREPLACE, MAID-BOT, DOORS… doors? Opening the doors app, he can see a hidden wall-panel sliding door. He Clicks “open” and the door shifts aside just in front of Takarni.

Takarni, very proud of himself for finding the wall door… somehow… notions for the rest of his team to a set of stairs to take them down the next floor. Apprehensively, now understanding why their blue pass did not unlock the top three floors, the troubleshooter step down to the 49th floor. The door opens up to upper level of a large loft style room. A large 6×4ft table with a green felt overlay and six holes around the sides is in front of them. A timber bar is just behind it, Jun-R sees a bottle of snow-white bouncie-bubbly drink. Walking quietly over to it, he picks it up to examine what must be the greatest thing he would ever taste. “d-d-d-on’t touch a thhhhing!” Darry whispers shakingly. Jun-R nods, and secretly places the bottle in his bumbag.

A set of stairs winds down off the loft to the lower level. A large dinning room table and chairs sit ready for a fine dinner. Jun-R checks his HUD, still no connection to the network. In the quiet dark room each member is watching their breath and stepping like they are walking carefully through a mine-field. Depending on who’s apartment this is, they would be flayed alive to be caught sneaking through a UV’s personal affections. The dinning room has a small foyer with two elevators. “beautiful!” Darry-R exlaims under his breath. He begins to move quicker, his steps getting heavier with every step. “Team Leader! NOO!” But it’s too late, Darry’s thumb hits the elevator button and voice erupts from the room. “PLEASE PRESENT HUD VERIFICATION” Darry-R look ’round to his team. “uh-oh, I highly doubt this will get us out of this area.” “SECOND REQUEST, PLEASE PRESENT HUD VERIFICATION” “We need to get out of here now!” Takarni shreeks, looking for any other exit. “FINAL REQUEST, PLEASE PRESENT HUD VERIFICATION”.

The troubleshooter start running frantically around the room, looking for something, ANYTHING, that could assist them get off this floor. “HUD VERIFICATION UNSATISFACTORYACCESS BREACHSECURITY HAS BEEN NOTIFIEDSECURITY PROTOCALL BRAVO 348 INITIATED” The lights in the room suddenly go from dark to blindingly light. From vents in the floor a smoky nerve agent is expelled into the room and a loud hum sounds as the secondary elevator begins to climb, a digital floor counter starts going quickly. Merrell rips out his Lazzer and starts cutting a straight line across the secondary elevator. The red light on his chest blinks rapidly; ignoring it Merrel-R cuts a large straight line across the door. Twisting a red nob on his chest the laser’s intensity seems to surge and glow. A series of snaps and then a clanking grinding noise reports the second elevator plummeting down the elevator shaft. The laser emits a blinding light. " I CAN’T TURN THE DAMN THING O.." Merrel’s chest explodes, blasting a hole in the elevator doors and sending the other trouble shooters flying backwards. Takarni and Jun are injured with a a couple cracked ribs, but Darry-R has his Humerus and Clavicle protruding for the skin, and burns across his face. “N-n-not agggain…”.

The troubleshooters find a ladder that runs down the elevator shaft to Floor 47. Prying the door open with Takarni-R’s crow-bar, the trouble shooters search the hallways of doors, finally coming to a set of fine blue wooden doors. Together they throw their shoulders into it until they manage to break them down; would have been a lot easier with a laser cutter.

Crashing through the door Jun-R stands face to face with a beautiful woman with short dark hair and a Dark blue business dress-suit. Hailey-B-NQN-5 name is lit up above her head. “About time you morons managed to get me out of here. There seems to be some sort of explosions upstairs, only an idiot would try taking the elevator in the middle of a computer crisis.” She quickly eyes up and down the group… “and… my god do you all stink”. Jun opens his hygiene kit and sprays some quick-dry deodorant over the team, then passes out hand-wipes to remove the dirt, grime, and soot, from their faces.

They take the stairs down from that point on. Stopping only to allow a number of heavily armed Green security soldiers armed to the teeth with plasma rifles stream by. Luckily with Hayley-B’s clearance and Jun-R’s excellent hygien’ing, they hardly stop to question them, more intensely focused on the mastermind terrorists that have breached a UV’s personal quarters, before killing a whole squad of Alpha Complex’s best men by dropping their elevator just before it reached the apartment!

That night Jun pops a happyloopy pill for his cracked ribs and looks back on the day behind him, while he stores his white bouncie bubbly with the green ration bars. Back to the bottling depot tomorrow I suppose… he thinks to himself. Man does he need a day off — I wonder if Hailey-B recognized me, maybe she just didn’t want to acknowledge my existence in front of the other troubleshooters? Hopefully this pays off some of my debt…

Radio-goo goo- Radio ga-ga
Mission Log

Radio-goo goo- Radio ga ga- troubleshooters

The six troubleshooters stand outside the briefing building as the cold frosty winds rip down the streets. Jun-R zips up his jump suit to the neck line and tries to position his bumbag to hold his ripped butt-flap closed — it doesn’t work very well.

Hi Tatski, Karumi, are either of you team-leader?” “No. Are you team leader? … oh look someone else has arrived maybe he’s team-leader…” “Hi I’m Nat-R I’m snort not team-leader… are you team leader?” Two more arrive and after a series of people talking over each-other, 45minutes passes and they discover that Shannon-R-WHL-2 is the team-leader. After another 45mins, Jun-R still has no idea of what the mission is, however he has taken 2 loopyhappypills and seems to be walking toward the supply shop, so maybe he’s just blanking out a bit.

Jun-R arrives at the supply shop to find an infrared female with a nervous smile pasted un-easily on her face. Jun-R slams the partially frozen Sea-bass on the counter. “I have a few items I require, and I think this will be sufficient as compensation— I will need Three plasma Rifles, 5 Red T-shirt(preferably with friend computer on them), a bandolier of grenades, one video-recording device… oh and 100XP. In exchange I present this beautiful and very edible fish.” The infrared makes some uneasy excuse about requiring higher clearance to perform such a negotiation and runs to the back room to find her manager. After waiting a blistering 32 seconds, Jun-R gets impatient. Jumping over the counter he begins to rifle through the boxes, using his HUD he manages to start scanning the bar codes expediting his process. He doesn’t get everything he needs, but three red-laser pistols, and the recording camera (with attachments) is a substantial pull, and surely Friend Computer would approve, troubleshooter business and all. The PA fires up “SUPPLY SHOP NGL-CHARLIE YOU NEGLECTING TROUBLESHOOTER BUSINESS.”; the infrared woman comes screaming out in front “YOU’RE A TROUBLE SHOOTER!?” then bursts into tears. Now you’re in it, Jun-R thinks as he strolls out the shop, pistols in belt, camera in hand, grabbing the Fish and tossing it over his shoulder.

Firing up his HUD Jun-R starts a stream on iCast, for the public to get on the scenes experience of troubleshooting. Linking the new video-recorder to Friend Computers network. When he arrives back to the Troubleshooters it seems that they have come to the conclusion to go to sector NHL, which is presumably the best route back to ZZA, where their mission to recover an energy rod will begin.

Jun-R starts his stream to the network with a high energy introduction of each ‘shooter, and a brief explanation of the mission, a home-made rap where each ’shooter takes a beat as the intro music, and even a short interview with Shannon-R Team-Leader! Jun-R then cuts to a commercial, and with the help of Nat-R promotes the sale for his sea-bass, ONLY 200XP! The commercial had customer reviews, flashy “1980s” infomercial graphics. With the help of Jun-R’s finger on the sea-bass’s chin, the fish itself even promoted how delicious he is!

Karumi-O comes roaring out suddenly in his tractor from the previous mission, un-sure if this is going to get shot down by the security-bots, Jun-R climbs aboard with apprehension.

Its not long down the transbot line that the trouble shooters get a little quiet, as a loud rumbling sound seems to get louder and louder, the tube beginning to shake. Almost out of nowhere Karumi pulls hard to the left into a tractor sized maintenance alcove, just as a tranbot screams past. “Sure glad not to get hit by that eh? certainly don’t want to die this close into the mission!” Jun-R exclaims.

After about another 10mins, Tatsuki-R is going off, as he ususally does, about not going to NHL. Jun-R has plans for NHL though, and is easily able to convince Shannon-R to listen to Zola-R, NHL is certainly the quickest way to ZZA, plus it has a lovely Spa… in the Water Recycling Plant. Luckily Team-Leader somehow convinced and keeps on route to NHL as Jun-R has lots to do in the sector. Tatsuki is continuing to talk about “loss of life support…” and “freezing temperatures”… something to do with “hypothermia”… HYPOTHERMIA?! Jun-R doesn’t have to worry about that, he’s got a frozen sea-bass over his shoulders!!

But the Sea-Bass’s thermo-regulation doesn’t seem to be working, and next time he turns back ’round, he notices that Tatsuki has hopped ship and can be seen running frantically back to NGL. As Jun looks around to the rest of the team, they all look pale, blue lipped, and hardly moving. Karumi-O suddenly pull the tractor back around and headed back towards the “heat” of NGL. Nat-R easily scoots Karumi to the side, flips a yellow and black striped flap and mashes a bright red button. The tractor roars to life, flames fire out the stacks, the heat briefly providing much needed relief from the cold, and the tractor “speeds” up, “flying” down the tube, an intense 11km/hr. It slowely catches up with Tatsuki, (now at what could only be described as a fast jog).

Alas it is not quick enough, by the time they arrive to the heated transbot station in NGL, Nat-R, Zola-R, and Jun-R, have already frozen to death. Their nude new clones waiting patiently at the station to loot their previous bodies, unfortunately the video-recorder is damaged beyond use. “JUN-R I have been very patient. What is taking so long?!* – Hailey-B-NQN-5*” — “ummm… I apologize but NHL is very far away Hailey” Jun-R quickly responds. TO HIS HORROR HE REALIZES THE GRAVE AND POTENTIALLY DEADILY MISTAKE. “HAILEY-B! Sincere apologies, Friend Computers network is patchy and my message was sent premature. Please excuse my inadvertant disrespect Hailey-B-NQN-5.” He pants sweating, wondering if a battle-bot will roll to his murder, or potentially just a severe beating from a small army of Orange and Yellow henchmen. — Still, what on earth is he being contacted by such a high-ranking individual as Hailey-B?!

Making their way to the transbot vertical lift station, the team hears a loud rumbling coming down the tracks. Zola-R has gone underneath to try to fix the lift, Karumi and Nat-R have started beating up a bot to cause a distraction. Jun-R waits patiently by the grate until after 20mins, Zola-R returns taping on the grate. Looking cautiously around for any nearby bystanders Jun-R lifts the grate for Zola-R to get out, just as a massive shadow loom over him. As he looks down, her head pops out of the grate, but her eyes don’t meet his; she seems to look past him, her gaze fixed on something behind him, and her face goes a pale white as her jaw slacks open.

Jun-R only has a moment to turn his head when he sees a six-barrel arm-cannon out-stretched to the back of his head. A clicking and then grinding sounds emanates from the enormous battle-bot, which Jun-R can only assume to be a mechanical jamming from the bots terrifying weapon. Leaping off a wooden crate of infrared knit toques Jun-R is able to reach an air-duct and begins frantically to scramble to safety, only to get stuck… his jumpsuit catching on a loose screw tears the entireway down exposing his large squishy Japanese buttocks to the world. Suddenly something pushes violently into his buttock and propels him forward through the small vent opening. “JUN-R I AM HERE TO DELIVCRASH Jun scrambles wildly and manages to see (out of his periferal) a green blurr as the battle-bot is thrown to the wall and crumples like a tin bouncy-bubbly can.

Relieved that he isn’t going to have to use ANOTHER clone body on this simple mission. Jun-R sifts through the battle bot and retrieves his optical core, not sure how to wire this into a camera, he’ll need to find someone more apt with mechanical pieces, he really should download some of that mechanics software to his HUD soon. A sudden explosion reverberates behind him and the the entire station a lights on fire. Turns out the scrub-bots cleansing agent “Edith-B’s Grime-”B"-Gone is also flamable, and the room is a light. Unsure why the rest of the trouble shooters just stand around discussing other methods of transportation to ZZB, Jun quickly flees the hell-like scene to the outdoors.

As he escapes up the stairs and out the doors to the streets he never thought he would be so happy for the cool fresh air. Inspired by the refreshing chill, he seeks out a confectionery-bot for a little cold-fun. He notices Nat-R depressingly shuffle his feet, tears streaming down his face, enter a small confessional booth half a block away. “Oh geeze… now we’re in for it…” Jun-R mutters under his Breath. Enjoying his cold-fun he turns to the confectionery-bot and instructs it to attach the ocular-module to itself. Fantastic! A walking camera?! this will be brilliant in his public relations goal. Jun-R begins to record again direct to the stream as explosions of fire erupt from the transbot station behind him.

Almost immediately another message comes to his HUDJUN-R I HAVE BEEN EXCEEDINGLY PATIENT — MY GUEST WILL ARRIVE SOON. WHERE IS MY SEA-BASS AND WHY ARE YOU FILMING FROM THE CAMERA OF MY BATTLE-BOT SENT TO RETRIEVE IT!?” Ah… well damn… Jun-R responds quickly “Hailey-B-NQN-5, my sincere apologies, but the battle bot attempted to kill me, before addressing it’s purpose, I’m only here because his mini-gun jammed as it was pointed at my head. I have a confectionary/freezer bot here, I will load the sea-bass and have it sent to your address immediately. Thank you for your over-whelming patience in this matter. Sincerely Jun-R-NGL-3” Hopefully this has left him in good graces, even if he doesn’t get his 200XP, maybe he’ll get to keep his third clone.

When Jun-R returns to the trouble shooters, they’re already piling into a very shady looking green military elevator. The Red painted sign states [NO ENTRY]… what he’ll do for Friend Computer, ironical he mutters to himself as a treason start lights in the corner of his HUD. It’s barely ten sectors down when the elevator brake system fails, and drops in free-fall. Well crap, Jun-R thinks, pulling his grapple gun he looks over and see Tatsuki-R-NGL-5 pressed up to the side of the elevator, he also notices a safety harness flying loose next to Tatsuki — as his last action of his life, Jun-R-NGL-3 grabs hold of the safety harness and straps in Tatsuki. Good luck my friend he thinks as the elevator crashes to ZZB, shards of metal impale Jun-R-NGL-3 as his body is thrown to the ceiling and every bone of his body is shattered into 100,000 pieces.

20 minutes later Jun-R-NGL-4 arrives and collects the somehow still intact gear of his previous body. The black jumpsuit has no pants left, the laser pistol has a large dent in the handle and the bumbag is a little scuffed, but the grenades are in-tact and the grapple gun shows no damage so all in all pretty good.

It’s only a short way to the energy source in ZZA which Nat-R is determined the trouble shooters will find in a bunker that Friend-Computer has deemed off-limits, but with so many Mutants and Communists roaming these parts, the trouble-shooters hold some of the highest authority on these streets and figure their mission should go smoothly from this point on.

As they’re passed by antenna people, mutants with six-eyes, and one man with a very large pix-elated area just walking nude down the street. A mob of men in black jumpsuits, many hold staffs and other crude weapons block the way. Jun notices they are not connected to the net-work, none of them seem to be being tracked by Friend Computer — terrorists? “You cannot go any further… it is not safe.” Safety… hah! Jun thinks to him self, who do they think they’re talking to!? He’s died twice in the past 2 hours! Jun-R reaches into his bum-bag and retrieves one of his last two grenades. Removing the pin with his teeth he launches the grenade… things couldn’t have worked better. While the grenade should have just killed a few of the 30 odd black men disconnected from Friend Computer, the red-taxi from his previous mission arrives “Greetings Troubleshooters… Friend Computer has sent to deliver you safely to your obj...” KLLLABBOOMM! Whats left of the men in black barely scurry off into the alleyways, while the troubleshooters stroll past a burning red-taxi-bot. As far as Jun-R is considered, he put the old rust bucket out of his misery.

Karumi-O and Shannon-R unlock the sealed metal door to the bunker. An ominous silent set of stairs lead down into darkness. Jun-R steps forward and begins to descend, leading the rest of the trouble shooters into the abyss. Finding a switch on the wall lights a dozen pot-lights from the ceiling. 5 chairs sit facing a large green windown… no sign of any kind of energy source. Jun-R dusts off a semi-circular leather chair with a chrome pedestal style foot. The chairs were high-end at one point, though it may as well have been centuries since they were sat in last. As he sits down and leather creaks and breaks, but the cushion, though tough is still surprisingly comfortable. Looking confusingly at Zola he notices a glint of the ball-peen hammer in her arm “Zola NOOO!!! OH fuuuuuu….” Jun-R screams as a spider web of cracks begins to expand across the window. Spinning the chair around, Jun braces for whatever is coming.

The glass shatters with a rush of fluid. This is second time today Jun-R has experienced sub-zero temperatures, though this one wasn’t creepily slow, instead it burns across his face as a flood of salty-fluid surrounds his body, something below his waist shrinks, there are half as many pixels down there now. In complete panic Jun-R’s back bursts; four tentacles 6 feet long explode out from around his spine. The rush of adrenaline that comes from the release is all he needs to grasp his grapple gun, point it up the stairs and pull the trigger. His frozen hand now on the brink of hypothermia can’t manage to hold on as he watches the gun retract, pulling away from his numb fingers. To his fortune however, the green scaly limbs act on mostly instinct and reach desperately out to the grappler. Two of them manage to wrap them around as the other two search frantically for the other trouble shooters to pull them to safety. Zola and Shannon however are literally flying past him as if imbued with super human powers, though wildly out of control. As he glances behind him he sees Nat-R, now completely Green and 7 times his usual size (Nat-G?) wrestling feverishly with what looks like a massive black and white sea-bass.

The cold air of ZZA could not have seemed more relieving. Across the street his HUD lights up a Friend Computer confessional booth. Wiggling his tentacles side to side, he supposes he probably needs to pick up a little yellow patch. Zola-R regards him with disgust as he walks (Dr.Octopus style) into the small metal booth. When he exits the team seems to have disbanded, the mission a failure, two clones gone, Jun-R begins the long path back to NGL for debriefing — what a day…

Green, Slimy, and not at all nutritious
Inter-mission log

Jun-R-NGL-2 awoke in his grey sleeping quarters to the tune of poorly recorded Japanese folk tune. Sighing he blinked his display to set a reminder to find a way to change that. Another day of mindless desk duty for Jun-R…

Suddenly his HUD fires up and starts to flash a blinding light. “Jun-R-NGL-2 report immediately to briefing area NGL-Alpha for assignment”. Excited that he won’t be stuck behind a drab desk for the day, Jun-R zips up his new-to-you red jumpsuit, slips on his sandles, buckles his fannypack, and holsters his grapple gun.

As Jun-R arrives to the holding area, he is greeted immediately by a 6’3", Laser Rifle wielding, yellow body armor doning, african-japanese woman; two other Red jumpsuit sporting people stand behind her. “I’m Shawnyi-Y-NGL-4, your team lead… Not sure why I’m being sent on this clean-up duty with you kids, but friend computer is wise; lets get down to the NJL water-recycling repository and mop up the mess” A small supply rack on wheels seemingly rolls out on it’s own, suddenly small arms appear from flaps at the base and the bot begins distributing mops, buckets, a three rags and “Edith-G’s Yuck-be-gone!!” cleansing spray.

The trouble shooters exit NGL-Alpha briefing area and are quickly met by transbot taxi. The bot has definitely seen better days, and apparently used to be red, though it’s hard to make out beyond the rust, grime, scraps, and multiple dents — it looks more like a derby car than a taxi.

When they arrive in NJL, its quickly obvious that the mops and buckets are more for easthetics than any real practical use. The streets have 5 inches of murky water, and the only people visible are infrared, treading lazily through the water in soaking wet black jumpsuits. The sudden realization that this day was going to get very long must have shown on Jun-R’s face, as Tarkni-R places two happiness pills in his hand and gives a small helpless grin.

The team arrives at the water repository to find water spuing uncontrolably from windows, drainage pipes, and doorways a like. A thin layer of green slime is coating the building. “Well… time to get to work kids — Jun-R, Tarkni-R you two will climb through the second floor windows to try to find the emergency pressure shut-off, and try to figure out why it didn’t fire automatically; Masku-R, you’re with me, we’re going to determine objective B — stay in radio-contact and keep me posted on any progress.

Firing his grapple gun through a second floor window, Jun-R gives a little tug and then motions for Tarkni-R to proceed. With a shrugg — what could go wrong — Tarkni ascends the building. With little difficulty they manage to find the Water Control Centre. The room is lit up like a christmas tree, flashing red and yellow lights expressing massive system failure, a computerized voice counting down “Complete System Breach in 17… minutes… and 37… seconds...” . Two yellow control worker are frantically running around trying to take control of the situation. A tall lanky man with a goatee and frizzled hair and a short plump woman who’s jumpsuit’s zipper is clinging on by the skin of it proverbial teeth. Seemingly over their head, the tall man’s expression seems panicked to the point of shock. As the Jun-R and Tarkni-R stand in the doorway, buckets in hand and mops strapped on their backs. “Uhhhh… need a hand?

Perfect! two disposables… I mean troubleshooters to reset the main shut off. Yes — there is something blocking the emergency shut-off. We’ve been trying to blow it out from here, but whatever it is, it’s too dang jammed in there.”. “Leave it to us!” Tarkni-R says, popping a couple pills for courage and holding his mop like a Roman centurian about to march bravely to his death. “Not the day I had in mind” Jun-R thinks to himself…

Jun-R looks down through the window that overlooks the main repository chamber. A series of cat-walks criss-cross over deep pools of murky black water. a massive 100ft Diameter pipe leading into the room is flooding the chamber with millions of gallons of water. Drainage pipes are open to the max, but obviously can’t keep up with the amount of water that is bursting through the main-line. To the left quick flashes of yellow light seem to blink occasionally from another sector of the facility, through distant windows and under doorways.

After headed down a set of stairs, and through a sealed metal doorway, the troubleshooters breach the main chamber. The room seemed big from the control room, but now being inside the place it seemed enormous, like stepping into an airplane hanger. Walking a few feet out onto the cat-walk Jun-R looks back up 30 ft through the control room window to see the two yellow water maintenance workers looking on with determination and relief. The sound is defining as the water crashes underneath their feet, and the massive pipe continues to spew an enormous amount of water. The entire room shakes furiously, and suddenly they understand why the Yellow workers were reluctant to manually adjust the valve themselves — the catwalk is covered in the same green slime as outside, and the vibrations from the pipe have shaken several of the railing so loose some have fallen to the water below. Popping two more pills and an audible gulp Tarkni-R begins down the cat-walk.

A speaker comes on over the PA. “Okay. Now you need to reach the terminal that juts out just over top of the water-main. From there you will be able to use the hidraulic levers to close the main manually” More flashes of yellow light from the door on the opposite side of the repository. Nervously Jun-R and Tarkini-R maneuvered themselves across the cat-walk.

After a couple near slips of falling in a massive vat of filthy recycled water, the two trouble shooters manage to scramble themselves to the hydraulic control panel. Jun-R looks up across the room. Garbled inaudible sounds are coming from the PA, but with the water gushing so loudly, they might as well be reciting poetry. The hydraulic pistons begin to work, but then whatever is jamming the mechanism stops them short. Jun-R starts to press the hydraulics too hard, but Tarkni-R warns about blowing a hoses due to the pressure pointing at a large pressure gauge on the terminal, the needle pushing the red section of the gauge.

Jun-R decides its time to do something stupid — attaching his grapple gun to his jumpsuit harness, he lowers himself down off of the catwalk, hanging only 15ft from the tremendous main water line bursting with water. From this distance and with the water significantly slowed by the valve being partially closed, he can easily see the large mass of recycling or garbage that is jammed between the enormous ball valve. Jun-R, stops — thinks — then pulls the grenade from his fanny pack; swinging gently back and forth he times the 10 second fuse so he can toss it just in time for it to explode, clear the mass and hopefully… not die…

It almost worked too. The grenade explodes, clearing the mass the door shuts, unfortunately his timing was slightly off and as Jun-R is swinging back towards the pipe, one of the now projectile pieces of garbage smashes into his ribs. Luckily none of the garbage snapped his wire. Hanging there with severe internal bleeding his eyes become watery, and his vision blurry. He looks over just in time to see Sharni-Y come bursting through the door on the far side, yellow laser rifle still steaming. Her jet-pack fires up as she grabs the near dead trouble shooter and lifts him back onto the cat-walk… where he passes out to the sound of the hydrolics shutting the main valve.

How hot is Robot love? It'll burn down the sector...
Cthulhu's immergence

Jun-NGL-1 woke from his tube— gel still dripping from his netheregions, began his first day as a trouble shooter. What terrifyingly thrilling adventure awaited him… he had no idea.

After climbing into the transbot cab, the team was in such a panic to arrive at the briefing hub on time, Jun-NGL-1 was thrown violently from the taxi just in front of a friendly public safety monitoring camera. Friend Computer was kind enough to provide a blue catering bot to transport the lowly infrared troubleshooter to his destination.

After finding a small treasure horde of cakes, pies, and blue bouncy bubbly drink that would make Willy Wonka’s eye pop, Jun-NGL-1 began to gorge himself while he watched his two secret messages that arrived on his HUD.

The second message was from someone who seemed to be from his secret brotherhood, wanting him to head to the food experimentation facility all the way in NFL sector! Inconvenient as it may be, he had transportation, and five more pies to devour, so what the hey. Quickly he made some bad excuses to his team leader and redirected the catering bot to the facility of NFL sector — on the double!

At the Experimental Catering Facility, Jun-NGL-1 expected to be greated as he had been so many lives ago. Instead he was greeted with a face full of extra strength knock out gas — he awoke several hours later on a stainless steam autopsy table surrounded by 8 labcoat clad scientists. After a short drug induced effort to reclaim his authority Jun-NGL-1 released his power of Cthuluh tossing and killing all of the scientists.

Things went quite a bit better from that point at the facility, hot-tub baths, pink silk bath robes, spa ointments and massage creams., and don’t forget about the red laser pistol that just may come in handy.

Upon learning his troubleshooter team was waiting for him outside to get on the mission, Jun-NGL-1 decided it was time to leave the comforts of the facility. Gathering up his last few possessions, the laser pistol, robe, spa sample creams and two Blue Bubbly Bounce drinks. The slaughter that ensued would see a terrifying number of orange green and blue scientists disemboweled, burned alive, or simply torns in half. Having been clewed in by Karumi-NGL-3 that Friend Computer was looking for an autopsy of someone having been burned to death, he thought it in good form to make sure that a burned corpse be packaged and placed outside for the authorities to do with it as they see fit.

The team then proceeded down to NHL where the briefing was to begin. Apparently the whole sector had been evacuated. While driving down the transbot track, Jun-NGL-1 smeared his face with the spa mask in order to disguise his features from the PSMC’s and used his wild tentacles to rip a hole through the crowd of on-coming infareds attempting to escape the abandoned sector. Amazingly saving 72%!

In NHL the troubleshooters discovered two rival factions of bots attempting to make a new life. In a wildly unprecedented and misguided act, Jun-NGL-1 accidentally tried to perform a robo-sexual act with his tentacle, this earned him the misnomer Robo-Molester. An act that shocked not only the robot but the rest of the troubleshooter party, so much so that team leader Tasuki-NGL-2 thought it in the best interest to remove the tentacle wielding robo-sexual by force. As the yellow laser blast was streaming towards Jun-NGL-1 four infrared who were hiding in a nearby loading crate tried to make a run for it. One bystander took a laser blast to the head, saving Jun-NGL-1, who dove into a nearby air-duct as Tasuki fired wildly disregarding the overheating warning on the pistol which proceeded to explode, killing him instantly.

Knowing that the entirety of NHL’s robo-factions were out for blood on the robo-molester, Jun-NGL-1 decided to fix a small arsenal of chemical weapons and take the sector down with him, hopefully spreading the knowledge of Cthuluh to any infrared still unlucky enough to be in NHL. While he did destroy several tank bots, Jun-NGL-1 was finally taken down with just enough strength to pull the cork from an oxygen activated flammable gel that lit the local Food Hub and destroyed another dozen robos that were coming down on him.

When Jun-NGL-2 rearrived to the shock and horror of a burning sector he grabbed whatever he could find. With the help of a friend he was able to reconfigure a small grenade using parts from a broken tank bot. Placing a tin pale on his head as a helmet and hiding behind a pile of rubble, Jun-NGL-2 saw his friend explode far more violently than intended. Whats more, the fire hydrant they were attempting to open, was actually a vein of blue-berry jam leading into the food factory. It took a bit longer, but it did successful quench the worse of the fire in NHL.

Another successful day in the beautiful Alpha Complex…

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