ORANGE clearance


Tatsuki is one of the latest INFRARED citizens created by the Computer. He was recently promoted to ORANGE clearance then demoted back to RED then re-promoted to ORANGE.

Troubleshooter Team Assignments

JMM-89 (aka “The Hang Grenades”): Combat Officer
NGL-02 (aka “The Aughtinators”): Science Officer
NGL-05 (aka “Ocho Cinco”): Team Leader
NGL-0A: Happiness Officer
NGL-17 (aka "Narwhal Gun Lords): Hygiene Officer
NGL-1C: Infiltration Officer
NGL-22: Public Relations Officer
NGL-2E: Equipment Officer
NGL-33 (aka “Hygiene Emergency Response Team”): Safety Officer
NGL-39: Administration Officer
NGL-3C (aka “Team Humans Are Awesome”): Data Officer


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