Previous Jobs

Before becoming a troubleshooter, citizens usually worked for one of the eight Service Groups. Each player has the option of selecting their previous Service Group. Each group comes with a side effect (listed below).

Armed Forces

A GREEN clearance sergeant remembers you with disfavour. Please describe this citizen. This sergeant theoretically can acquire military hardware at a discount.


You have one never-deployed virus file isolated in your brain. You may deploy this once, after which the system adapts and renders it inert. Remind Dale of the virus each time you die.

Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control (HPD&MC)

You know of one small “dead zone” where the Computer can’t see through your eyes. Describe how to get there and why no one else has yet discovered it, and explain why you can’t report it.

Internal Sec

You worked as a paperwork filing clerk in the IntSec department of your home Sector. You owe a favour to an ORANGE clearance citizen in IntSec there. Please describe this citizen.

Power Services

You know of an area down in the sewers where you can flush fist-sized items, and they disappear (apparently forever).

Production, Logistics and Commissary (PLC)

All of the gear that you have from before you became a Troubleshooter is superior quality. Additionally, you have acquired one item that it is illegal for you to possess. Please describe what your character believes this item to be.

Research and Design (R&D)

You have access to one unapproved combat stimulant. You have three doses. When you take one tell Dale.

Technical Services

There is one scrubot out there you can talk to via Cerebral CoreTech. You aren’t sure whether it hates you. Name it.

Previous Jobs

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