Universal Achievements

1 XP Point

  • Put in a full day’s work for the benefit of Alpha Complex.

5 XP Points

  • Lead a group of people in singing “I Love Friend Computer” for ten straight days.
  • Lose a treason star.

10 XP Points

  • Make a purchase from ten different VendBots in a single day.
  • Tell a hundred people that Alpha Complex is warm and comfortable.*

25 XP Points

  • Identify a citizen as being a member of a treasonous secret society.
  • Taste ten different flavours of Bouncy Bubble Beverage.
  • Visit a Sector and all six adjoining Sectors.

50 XP Points

  • Bring a terrorist of a lower clearance to justice.
  • Bring a terrorist to justice for the very first time.
  • Report the existence and location of a dead zone.

100 XP Points

  • Bring a terrorist of your own clearance to justice.
  • Confess your own treasonous acts to Friend Computer.
  • Play a card from the RAM deck.
  • Reveal a citizen as being an unregistered mutant.

200 XP Points

  • Bring a terrorist of higher clearance than your own to justice.
  • Report the existence of an unknown DAIV.

*Each citizen may earn this achievement only once.

Universal Achievements

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